Welcome to GRMS' API

GRMS' API provides a way to easily integrate GRMS' risk assessment services into most Supplier Management Systems (SMS). By integrating our services, end users of the SMS can request a supplier to be assessed within the SMS and the results of the assessment will appear and be updated seamlessly as part of the SMS.

GRMS' API provides the following capabilities:

  • Submit risk assessment request
  • Pull supplier risk assessment request with detailed risk component status updates
  • Get available programs for a client account

GRMS' API is available under:


All API calls require an access token to be passed in header as "AccessToken".
An access token can be obtained by calling API method "AccessToken", which requires an "APIKey" and "APISecret".
"APIKey" and "APISecret" can be obtained from GRMS' client services team at techsupport@globalrms.com

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