REST API: Pull Supplier Risk Assessment

Documentation Last Update
End Point - Live
End Point - Sandbox
Description Pull supplier risk assessment request record which contains supplier data, related ratings, and status.
Request Object Type Query string parameter
Request Object Parameters "id": accept the risk assessment request transaction ID
Response Type JSON
Invalid Response
	"RequestDate": "0001-01-01T00:00:00",
	"LastUpdate": "0001-01-01T00:00:00",
	"ProcessingStatus": 0,
	"ProcessingStatusDescription": null,
	"RiskAssessmentRequest": null,
	"RiskComponents": [],
	"Success": false,
	"ResponseCode": 208,
	"ResponseMessages": [
		"Supplier risk assessment record is not found for transaction ENTER-TRANSACTION-ID"
	"TransactionIDType": null,
	"TransactionID": null
Valid Reponse
      "PartnerName":"ABC Procurement",
      "CompanyName":"AMCE, Inc",
      "CompanyDBA":"AMCE Supply",
      "CustomQuestion1": "TEST",
      "CustomQuestion1Answer": null,
      "CustomQuestion2": "TEST",
      "CustomQuestion2Answer": null,
      "CustomQuestion3": null,
      "CustomQuestion3Answer": null,
      "CustomQuestion4": null,
      "CustomQuestion4Answer": null,
      "DiversitySelection": null
         "RiskComponentTitle":"Global Watch List Monitoring",
         "RiskAssessmentResult":"Global Watch List Monitoring risk assessment result goes here",
         "RatingDescription":"Grade 1",
         "RatingCompletionDate": "2017-01-13T13:03:35.433",
		 "Documents": [
					"FileURL": "",
					"Name": "File 1 name",
					"Description": "File 1 description",
					"UploadedDate": "2022-07-13T13:03:35.433"
					"FileURL": "",
					"Name": "File 2 name",
					"Description": "File 2 description",
					"UploadedDate": "2022-07-13T13:03:35.433"
         "RiskComponentTitle":"Experian Financial Stability Risk Score",
         "RiskAssessmentResult":"Experian Financial Stability Risk Score search result goes here...",
         "RatingDescription":"Grade 2",
         "RatingCompletionDate": "2017-01-13T13:03:35.433",
         "Documents": []

Request Parameters Definition
Field Required Data Type Definition
id Yes string Screening request transaction ID. This transaction ID is returned by REST API method Submit Supplier Risk Assessment..
Response Object Definition
Field Required Data Type Definition
Success NA boolean Return "true" if screening request is sucessfully submitted.
Return "false" if GRMS is unable to process screening request.
ResponseCode NA string GRMS response code for the screening request API call
ResponseMessages NA string array List of messages related to screening request API call
TransactionIDType NA string Describe TransactionID type
TransactionID NA string GRMS's risk assessment record ID
RequestDate NA string Date of the risk assessment request
LastUpdate NA string Date when the risk assessment last updated
ProcessingStatus NA numeric Numeric value of risk assessment processing status
ProcessingStatusDescription NA string Description of risk assessment processing status
RiskAssessmentRequest NA literal object String literal object holding the data fields that provide detail information about the risk assessment
RiskComponents NA array/list Array/list of risk component objects
RiskModuleGroup NA string Name of the risk module that the risk component is assigned to
ParentRiskComponentID NA numeric Record ID of the parent risk component
RiskComponentID NA numeric Record ID of the risk component
RiskComponentCode NA string Code of the risk component
RiskComponentTitle NA string Name of the risk component
RiskAssessmentResult NA string/html Detail research result about the risk assessment component. Return data contains plain text and HTML. Most of the time the return data is HTML.
RiskAssessmentResultPDF NA string/URI URL to PDF version of the research result of the risk component
RiskAssessmentResultHtmlView NA string/URI URL to HTML web page version of the research result of the risk component
RatingCode NA string Risk grading code
RatingDescription NA string Risk grading description
RatingCompletionDate NA date Date when the risk component is completed the risk research process.
WeightedRatingScore NA numeric Weighted rating score of the risk component
Documents NA array/list Array/list of document objects. Each document object includes Name(file name), Description(file description), FileURL, and UploadedDate.
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